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”Tradition from the world furniture since 1979”

Belbagno Italia is a company who works in the manufacturing field of the bathroom furniture using the wood and its derivatives.
The company was founded in 1979 by the Varriale family with the purpose of manufacture furniture and furnishings for the bathroom with refined and design products close to the need of its customers.

Belbagno Italia is always focused on the scientific progress of the field and it works with the best technologies and new materials in a market more and more competitive.


Products 100% made in Italy. The satisfaction of its customers is the main goal of Belbagno Italia which is aware that the real business asset is the excellence of its own customers.
All the craftsmen commit to reach the company goals through hard work. The aim of the company is to verify and constantly renovate its manufacturing to meet the needs of an ever more dynamic society.

Prodotti 100% made in italy La Belbagno Italia pone al primo posto dei suoi obiettivi la soddisfazione della propria clientela, consapevole che il vero patrimonio aziendale consiste nell’eccellenza dei propri clienti.

Tutte le maestranze concorrono all’idea di soddisfare il raggiungimento degli obiettivi aziendali con prestazioni di eccellenza. L’obiettivo della società attraverso la creazione di un laboratorio interno è quello di verificare e innovare costantemente la propria produzione per rispondere alle esigenze di una società sempre più dinamica.



The structure of the furniture is realized in Idropan V100 to protect from humidity. The components we supply is of the highest quality such as our concealed runners with soft-closing mechanism with load up to 30 kg.


All the electrical components and accessories conform to the European directives regarding electrical safety (CEE 73/23 and 93/68) and electromagnetic compatibility (CEE 89/336)


It’s a medium density fiberboard. It’s made up of wood fragments refined and process until they became pulp fiber with glues and resins. It’s eco-friendly because is made of woodworking papers.


It’s a semi-finished layered product obtained by gluing more wood layers (generally spruce, larch, pine or Douglas fir). They can be veneered with a layer of fine wood. It can be disposed of like solid wood.